• Kathy Koll

    Kathy Koll

  • Rob


  • Kieran Kristopher Carty

    Kieran Kristopher Carty

  • Kathy Kelly

    Kathy Kelly

    Investor @Atlanticbridgev — Passionate about diversity in Tech @DublinCityUni #WomeninVC #FemaleFounders Extended blog at www.womentalktech.wordpress.com

  • Katharina Kunze

    Katharina Kunze

    Early-stage VC based in Berlin. Particular interests in edtech, fintech, privacy vs transparency, governance and decentralisation, and marketplaces.

  • Kapor Center

    Kapor Center

    The Kapor Center is relentlessly pursuing creative strategies to leverage tech for positive, progressive change.

  • Max Mersch

    Max Mersch

    Partner @ Fabric Ventures || Imperial College & OpenOcean alum

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