Diversity VC — The Next Chapter

Ladi Greenstreet, Diversity VC CEO
Daisy Onubogu, Diversity VC COO

We remain committed to enable change through these 3 key pillars:

Awareness & Insights 💡To address the lack of diversity in our industry we need to acknowledge it. Our Research Reports (shoutout to our incredible sponsors over the years) raise awareness of the current state of affairs and deeper understanding of the systemic bias that pervades our ecosystem. Data-driven insights gathered from hundreds of firms enabled us to listen and define priorities across the industry. The results were undeniable. Diversity is no longer an issue we can dismiss or ignore.

So we are also calling out to anyone keen to join the mission and contribute to the change they want to see in this industry and beyond. If you feel you have anything to contribute, in time, effort or otherwise, then sign up here.

Finally, as the sun creeps out and we’re released from lockdown-confines, we’re hoping to gather the community in real life soon, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.



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Diversity VC

Diversity VC


We are a non-profit partnership building a more diverse and inclusive Venture Capital industry www.diversity.vc