British Black Voices in Venture Capital

We are coming to the end of Black History Month, which has been celebrated every October in the UK for over 30 years — a way of acknowledging, celebrating and reflecting on the achievements of those of African and Caribbean descent in the UK.

Within our community of Venture Capital, we are far away from the representation we would like to see, but are optimistic of the progress that is being made. To that end, in celebration of Black History Month, we’d like to elevate the black voices in the industry. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are many more black VCs and ecosystem partners doing amazing work behind the scenes. Below you’ll find a selection of blog posts, articles, podcasts by some of the brilliant Black voices that we can celebrate.

10x10 VC — a network of Black and mixed race VCs

You can read more about Black History month here.

Anu Adebajo

Andy Ayim, MBE

Daisy Onubogu

Andy Davis

Kwaku Nortey

Judith Dada

June Angelides, MBE

Joshua Olusanya

Keji Mustapha

Rodney Appiah

Zoe Jervier Hewitt

Dele Akinyemi

Ladi Greenstreet

Sam Ahmed

Yvonne Bajela

Tunde Adekeye

Harry McLaverty

Eric Collins

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Diversity VC
Michael Tefula, Shriya Anand & Check Warner