Diversity VC is a volunteer-run non-profit partnership that was officially launched 3 years ago today, on International Womens’ Day 2017. At the time of launch, we had a scrappy squarespace website, a makeshift logo, zero subscribers but a strong desire to make a change.

Diversity VC website in 2017

Since then, we have been on…

Recent cases of abuse of power and inappropriate / unprofessional behaviour in the Venture Capital and Tech community have highlighted the need to create safe spaces for entrepreneurs and VCs to share their experiences so this behaviour can be identified and addressed. …

TLDR: in Venture Capital, diversity of thought is either missing or not ‘in play’ in 90% of venture firms. In order to improve fund and industry performance, as well as for the benefit of society as a whole, this must be urgently addressed.

Despite talk of inflated valuations and bubbles, it’s a great time to be a Venture Capital investor, especially in Europe. Accel and Octopus have just announced new funds, following hot on the heels of Local Globe, Mosaic and others. Even investment from China is coming. …

Diversity VC

We are a non-profit partnership building a more diverse and inclusive Venture Capital industry www.diversity.vc

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